Rand Paul indicates that politics may have played a role in the assault


In his first interview since he was attacked outside his home earlier this month, Sen. Rand Paul said he thinks politics may have been a factor in his neighbor's goal.

"It may have some relevance, but for the most part, the real question should be: are you allowed to attack someone from behind in your yard when they are outside cutting the grbad?" Mr. Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said on Fox News in an interview that aired on Tuesday. [19659002] The senator was attacked in his yard by a neighbor, René Boucher, on November 3, leaving him with serious injuries. Mr. Boucher, a registered Democrat, has been charged in the case, but through his lawyer has said that the policy was not a factor. Mr. Paul claims not to have spoken to him in more than 10 years.

Mr. Paul said he has six broken ribs and fluid in his lungs. He also said that he contracted pneumonia because of the injuries.

He said that it is not "so important" why he was attacked, adding that there is no reason to justify the action. When asked if Mr. Boucher indicated why he was not happy, Mr. Paul said he had already started after the badault.

"After I had my ribs broken, he told me to try to indicate … that I was unhappy." Mr. Paul said. He added that if it was "Obamacare" or "Donald Trump" what made Mr. Boucher unhappy, it does not make what happened acceptable.

Despite his health setbacks, Mr. Paul returned to work in the Senate last week.

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