Rance, to start Matt Skora, starts Patrick Macri after recent snap issues

A week later some bad shotgun snaps helped derail his offense, with the Baltimore Ravens making changes at center.

Sources say Matt Scura is the head of the bench, while Patrick Meekery will take over as the starter in a big game against the Tennessee Titans. Scura, who recovered from a serious knee injury last season that is still affecting him, has a chance to return to the lineup later in the season when he clears his head.

In addition, the Baltimore shotgun may see quarterback Lamar Jackson at a lower frequency to ensure that his offense can function properly. With two defeats in their final three matches, they will tamper with their formula.

Last week against the New England Patriots, Skora’s poor snap with seven minutes to go led to a 12-yard loss and ended a key drive. In addition, he also had an elaborate snap to run back Mark Ingram to work in a play that did not work.

There were also issues a week ago for Skura, who was working with the cut on her arm, as well.

This week’s Ravens coaches were non-controversial about the potential changes, although offensive coordinator Greg Roman said of the snap issue: “We have to fix it.”

After the Pats’ game, coach John Harbo said that the rain contributed to the snap ailments, “It’s not an excuse – we still have to make our own snaps. They’ve made their snaps. But I think that’s the main reason . “

Skura, who was a member of the team going public this week, may return to the lineup later in the season, along with the fact that his family was threatened due to playing on the field.

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