Rams are now the NFL’s worst-ranked team

It’s been a whirlwind to get here, but the New Orleans Saints are no longer at 32. About The Cap’s Jason Fitzgerald It ranks them second in the NFL in negative space on the salary cap, ultimately yielding last place to the Los Angeles Rams. Including accounting for the Matthew Stafford-for-Jared Goff trade, the Rams are now in the red for $ 33.1 million. And the Saints are ahead of them by just $ 31.9 million.

That’s progress, honey. It’s been tough to pull off at times, between the release of wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and a contract restructuring with point guard Andrus Peat, among other moves, but these are the necessary sacrifices New Orleans must make in light of the depressed salary cap. Unexpected income losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic have forced them to make difficult decisions that could otherwise have been avoided.

So it is comforting to know that you are not alone. They don’t even have it as bad as some of their competitors. NFC rivals including the Philadelphia Eagles ($ 26.8 million), the Chicago Bears ($ 17.6 million), the Atlanta Falcons ($ 14.2 million) and the Green Bay Packers ($ 9.7 million) ) have their own hurdles to overcome before meeting the salary cap. Sure, the Saints have problems to address. But they’ve won more games in the last four years than all those opponents, and they’re making moves to keep their core together for life after Drew Brees.


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