Ramon Laurino’s Oakland Athletics allege Houston Astro dugout sparks

Oakland, California – Oakland Athletics and Houston Astro were clearly tired of playing well.

So, after two quiet games at the Coliseum, true sentiment came out and the Temparders flared up on Sunday, months after Houston’s sign-stealing scandal was brought to light by Oakland pitcher Mike Fiers.

Things became so angry during Oakland’s 7-2 win over American League West rival Astro that the benches were cleared – and the stands were also vacated.

The ninth straight win of the Athletics came in the seventh inning.

Oakland’s Ramon Laurino hit a pitch – the third time in a three-game series, with one of the seventh by Humbarto Castellanos – and Laurenio pointed at the pitch.

Lorenio then began exchanging words with animated Astro hitting coach Alex Cintrone, dropping first base, throwing his batting helmet down and charging towards Cintrone in the first-base dugout.

Astro’s catcher Dustin Garneau drops off the bench to tackle Laurenio before A outfielder reaches Cintrone, and a wild scene ensues.

“I was just trying to stop the situation before the punches were actually thrown and the stuff went out of hand,” Gernio said. “That was really my overall goal for that event.”

The players both came out of the dugout to join the fray. Following the COVID-19 social distancing protocol, the players in the seats were also rushed to the ground. Many Astro exited their tunnel area.

Laurenio was evicted by plate umpire Ted Barrett, and the umpiring squad could easily be shouted at with the players for “going back to the dugout” with no fans.

“Ramon’s not going to be there without a reason,” A’s manager Bob Melvin added to Cintrone: “I think the league will find out who he is, and that person will be suspended. Hopefully. , That’s the case. Nowadays, without fans. Everywhere and Mike, I guess they know who it is. ”

The Oakland batsmen were hit five times during the series, and none dropped to Houston.

Austin Allen, a catcher, was also ruled out, and Astro manager Dusty Baker was thrown in the first half-inning to argue for balls and strikes. Houston lost its fifth overall.

Oakland felt that Loriano faced discipline.

“Look, we understand, and you do the best with these things,” Melvin said. “Obviously, we don’t want to get into controversy that way, and we understand the protocol. Unfortunately, it happened.”

Baker said he did not see what happened, as he was evicted, he did not receive a game feed on his clubhouse TV.

Asked if Cintrone crossed the line with his behavior, Baker delivered the safe verdict.

“Who ripped it first? Did Alex say something to them for the first time or did Loreno say something?” Baker asked. “I don’t know what’s happened. I’ve pinched at the players before myself. Guys always say, ‘Well, is it unfair for a coach to cheer a man, but are you just gonna sit there and take it?’ ? ”

“It’s summer in the moment, we’re all there, with high pride and worry and everything else. These things happen when you’re on the baseball field.”

Ex-Astro player Fiers did not pitch the series. He went public at The Athletic in November about Houston’s elaborate sign-theft scandal. Astro has won three previous division crowns, a World Series in 2017 and AL Pennant last year. The A’s won 97 games each in 2018 and 2019 to lose the wild-card game.

Matt Olsen hit a three-run homer in the third inning on Sunday, and Matt Chapman connected on the next pitch, scoring 1–0 5–0 on consecutive offerings from Astro starter Christian Xavier (1–1).

Robbie Grossman also scored, and Mark Kanha contributed an RBI single.

The A’s (12-4) matched the 2013 club for the best record after 16 games in the last 30 years.

Jesus Luzardo (1-0), a rookie left-hander, recorded his first major league win in his second start of his career. His day was followed by a back-to-back two-out walk in the sixth.

22-year-old Luzardo defeated 23-year-old Xavier in the matchup of two top pitching prospects.