Ram Sophie Stadium opens with a 20-17 win over the Cowboys in Sunday Night Football

Los Angeles received its second consecutive defensive stop, this time at Dallas’ own 38, but the following offensive series was ended by Cowboys cornerback Chidob Avozzi, blocking Goff’s route to Jefferson. Goff’s hand was injured as he threw the ball.

In the Rams’ 39-over, the Cowboys managed to score 33–33 successful field runs and left the third quarter with a 20–17 lead to go up 20–17.

While the drive continued into the fourth quarter, Ramasoki safety Jordan Fuller made a big 4-down tackle at the Ram’s 9-yard line with Sidi Lamb, forcing the Cowboys to turn the ball down the red ball . The upcoming Los Angeles campaign ended automatically after Goff was sacked at number three.

On the ensuing possession, La cornerback Jalan Ramsey looked emphatic with Dallas wide receiver Amari Cooper scooping Fuller to the loose ball. The call was overturned upon further review by authorities, but Dallas was nevertheless forced.

The Rams’ offensive offensive ended at midfield, followed by a 42-yard Johnny Hanker punt, which the Cowboys made on their own 9, with 2:35 left in the fourth quarter.

With 31 seconds remaining, Prescott’s 47-yard work was completed for wide receiver Michael Gallup, who would have established the Cowboys at age 19, but the play was ruled out by an aggressive interception against Gallup. Frequent imperfections by Prescott on 3 and 20 and then 4 and 20 sealed the win for Los Angeles.