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Amy Connie Barrett, the Trump administration’s Supreme Court nominee, backed an organization in 2006 that said life begins with “fertilization”. It has also been said that the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process should be criminalized leaving unused or frozen embryos created, which are considered to be extreme even within the anti-abortion movement.

This revelation is likely how Barrett’s personal views on abortion could shape reproductive rights in the US for decades, if not ratified by the Senate, but how his appointment legal rights for women for reproductive treatment Can affect , As well as his doctors.

In 2006, while Barrett worked as a professor of law at Notre Dame, he was one of hundreds who attended a full-page sponsored by St. Joseph County Right to Life, an extreme anti-choice group based in the city of the South Signed newspaper advertisement. Bend, who is in the area, knows as Michiana.

The advertisement, which appeared in the South Bend Tribune, stated: “We, the following citizens of Michiana, oppose abortion on demand and protect the right to life from fertilization to natural death. Please continue to pray to end abortion. ”

The statement was signed by Barrett and her husband Jessie.

In an interview with the Guardian, Jackie Appleman, executive director of the St. Joseph County Right of Life, stated that the organization’s outlook on “fertilization” early in life – as opposed to being viable for an embryo or fetus – implication for in vitro fertilization, In which many embryos are usually produced.

“Whether the fetus is implanted in the woman and then selectively reduced or it is done in a petri dish and then discarded, you are still ending a new human life at that point and We oppose it, ”Appleman said, adding that the abandonment was equivalent to the act of having a fetal abortion during the IVF process.

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