Raised box score: Cubs 8, Reds 5 – September 10, 2020

That game was long. No, it didn’t start on time at 7:15 due to rain, but it hovered around 8:30 and didn’t wrap up until more than four hours later (and a bit longer, with unnecessary stress to boot). . But, hey, the Cubs win! This is the right time for the Reds to win the series. I am not saying that the Cincinnati season is definitely over, but their hopes of a division are fulfilled.

But pay attention tonight. Er, well, tomorrow.

The Reds started the game by crushing the outside linebackers of Edbert Alzolle, who had poor command and were hit hard early and often. And unfortunately, those issues followed him in the next inning, when he gave up another run by putting the Cubs in a 3–0 start. In the end, Alzolle lasted just 3.2 IP with 3 hits, 2 walks, and 3 earned runs on a ton of tough contact (we’ll talk more about that tomorrow, it wasn’t really that good).

Fortunately, the Cubs bounced back as Alzolle went on, scoring five runs in the fourth inning, two of which came on an infield single by Ian Happ that allowed Nico Horner to score from second base – an * excellent * Cubs are being sent by another baseman, even better grounds:

The Cubs got another run in the inning on a wild pitch and a fielder’s choice by Anthony Rizzo – those five runs were the most runs scored this season and his first runs since the 3rd inning were scored by the Cubs Were. on Tuesday.

The Cubs added another two runs in the next inning and that was just enough for the night (the Reds made things interesting late, requiring unnecessary appearances from Jeremy Jeffress, but they held on for the win).

Personally, Ian Happ had a very tough night with 4 more strikes and the Javi badge continued to struggle (0-5, 3Ks), knows swinging at God:

But Wilson Contreras scored 4-4 and two doubles (more on that yesterday, of course), Cameron Maybin 2-4 with a triple, Bryazo hit a combined 4 hits and two walks, and collectively, Kevin 8 runs scored. 13 hits and 7 walks, so what are we going to complain about?

Oh, it was also the inexplicable moment where David Ross pinch-ran for Nico Horner … one of the fastest guys on the team, who also happens to be the best defensive option at second base, who needs that much developmental growth this year As much as possible … for Billy Hamilton, who came in and was caught stealing on the pitch already. It was strange … especially when they were on four runs in the 7th inning. But again, the Cubs won. so whatever.

Big series this weekend. Go get them Go to the cub.

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