Raised box score: Cubs 4, Brewers 2 – September 12, 2020

Talk about unloading the story with a full swing of the bat! Jason Heyward played the hero in the 9th inning, playing a three-run homer in a 3-run loss to Josh Freckering Hyder. Ildemaro Vargas added his first homer back-to-back to the Cubs for good measure.

I wrote an entire post and have now been removed because of that 9th inning. Just a piece of the introduction that was going to happen:

I really need to tell you that the Cubs have scored just 8 runs in their last 41 innings – and all 8 of those runs came in the same game. Lately it has been something spectacularly godlike in the plate for the Cubs.

Ignore all of that. The Cubs win tonight, so the offense is clearly completely healed and fixed.

Kyle Hendrickus was superb for 7.2 innings tonight, giving only a two-run homer to Rance Braun (on a terrific pitch), though Kriti Bryant failed to catch a huge catching foul ball. Otherwise, Hendrix was just brilliant. The bonus props to Jason Adam to knock out Christian Yelich with a runner in the 8th to preserve Hendrick’s line.

And then Craig moved to Kimbrel for the 9th real save opportunity. He gave two singles to open the innings – they were both really good pitches, though! – But then hit up old friend Daniel Vogelbach to ease the tension, to get Ben Gammell out, and then get a soft liner from Orlando Archaea to end it.

Full Box Score.

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