Rainbow Six Siege Year Three will function a co-op occasion referred to as ‘Outbreak’


Rainbow Six Siege 12 months three will kick off somewhat in another way than the earlier two. Season One, referred to as Operation Chimera, will add a pair of latest operators to the motion, one from France and one from Russia, however as an alternative of a brand new map it is going to function the launch of the sport’s first-ever co-op occasion, Outbreak, a three-player “new fantasy” about quarantine and biohazard.

Appropriately, each of the brand new operators shall be “biohazard specialists,” though it is a good wager that they are the type of consultants within the subject who carry weapons as an alternative of clipboards and superior levels from Johns Hopkins (though I suppose it is potential they’ve these too). That suggests a zombie apocalypse situation of some kind—extra Killing Floor than George Romero, most likely, however with the identical type of end result. 

It appears like pretty acquainted territory, however model supervisor Alex Remy urged through the Pro League Season Three finals yesterday (begin across the 2:23:00 mark for the related bits) that there is extra to it than meets the attention. “With that special event, we are taking [the new operators] and a bunch of Rainbow Six in a four-week event that has really a twist on it. Expect something that you were not counting on,” he stated. 

“It’s a way for us to give a present, a gift, to all the players that have been with us. How do we sort of change the formula, create some surprise effect right at the start of Year Three? Mission Outbreak is exactly for this. Four weeks of co-op, three players against something you may full expect.” 

Season Two of 12 months three will return to a extra conventional kind, with two new operators from Italy’s GIS [Gruppo di Intervento Speciale] and a brand new map set in Italy. Season Three will see two extra operators, one from Scotland Yard and the opposite from Delta Force, and the “complete rework” of an current map, whereas Season Four will give gamers two new operators from Morocco’s GIGR [Groupe d’Intérvention de La Gendarmerie Royale] and a brand new map set in that nation. 

Outbreak shall be free for all Rainbow Six Siege homeowners, and may have its personal “exclusive collection of cosmetics,” however will solely be accessible for a single four-week stretch throughout Season One. Full particulars shall be introduced in February 2018 through the Six Invitational. 

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