Rainbow Six Seas Hackers, Starting Tachanka Work Early

Rainbow Six Seas Director Lord Tachanka has a job to come later this season, but some hackers don’t want to wait. Resourceful theaters in multiplayer games have found a way to use the new-and-improved Tachanka ahead of their formal entry into the roster.

Courtesy of PigeonR6 on Twitter, We have some footage of action-packed Tachanka in a match, which makes it clear that the mask-clad character is in the wild. The clip begins in the lobby, where you can see the whole team staring in surprise ‘Chanka, a couple gesturing to each other that um, that’s not right. Then, when the match begins, the player accompanies Tachanka to the room, where we see him in full action, shooting and using explosives.

a After screenshot A kilscreen has a Tachanka-user’s screen-name, Glock.cR, and a better look at his costume and equipment. Some footage of the rebirth Tachanka leaked in August, and the gameplay here matches what was leaked there, specifically the incendiary grenade launcher, and its DP-28 appears in the screenshot.

Ubisoft surprised the new season, Operation Shadow Legacy, this season. Although the next season is always intriguing, it is particularly exciting because it follows Sam Fisher’s introduction known as ‘Zero’, which is in the Rainbow Six Seas roster.

On the other side of the game’s development, Ubisoft is undergoing some corporate changes following widespread accusations from employees of a toxic work environment. Several executives resigned amid ongoing internal investigations, and an incentive has been added for leadership to prioritize creating a positive, inclusive work environment.

Lord Tachanka is believed to be returning to the Rainbow Six Seas after this season – be sure to check out our guide to all of his new Rainbow Six Siege operators and the best Rainbow Six Seas operators to prepare for his arrival .