Rain across California in the Midwest, will become a snowstorm by Tuesday evening

A storm offshore in central and southern California will become a snowstorm in the middle of the country by midweek.

The system will first bring rain and high-altitude snow to parts of California starting Monday night.

Tuesday through late Monday, the storm will push snow into the southwest, central and northern plains.

Even on Monday night, the rain moves into the southern plains. By Tuesday evening, the major edge of the system and snow will move into the Great Lakes region.

In addition, on Tuesday night, rain / freezing rain will develop over parts of the Central Plains and move into parts of the central Mississippi Valley. In some parts of the Midwest, snow will measure 4 to 6 inches with varying 8 inches.

Snow and freezing rain will contribute to dangerous driving conditions.

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The heaviest is expected as the storm passes through the Great Basin and central Rocky. Snowfall totals are expected to reach between 12 and 24 inches by Tuesday night.

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