Raiders later, and one that escaped

It's hard to be in shock when a team has fought the way the Cardinals have fought this season, but that was the feeling after the loss on Sunday. There were too many ways in which the Cardinals seemed to find a way to retire, mainly because the Raiders have fought even more this year.

It could be worse, security Antoine Bethea was asked.

"Yes," said Bethea. "We could be 0-10."

Thanks to the 49ers, there are no cards. And thanks to David Johnson, the departing runner seems to have found himself a bright spot. But now the Cardinals go to round-trip road games in the United States against the Chargers and Green Bay against the Packers and absorb something like the Raiders game. The State Farm stadium has not felt very friendly this season, which is brutal. Even in the years of the team's downing, they always seemed to find some happiness at home. The game of the Raiders in particular was nothing.

– Wilks was asked about the changes he can make. "I'm not going to make any decisions here on the podium," he said. "As always, there are things to evaluate and badyze in all areas."

– The rookies are up and down, and that's especially true for rookie quarterbacks. The releases of Josh Rosen to Larry Fitzgerald, both, were beautiful. His laser to Christian Kirk to set up Fitz's second score was impressive. Apart from that, he felt ugly. Two more interceptions, and that's eight in the last four games. Inaccurate shots sometimes. The beaten offensive line will also see a much better run against the Chargers.

– Fitzgerald probably is not going to run in second place of all time in the NFL receptions this season, and needs eight receptions to have the most receptions in a team, he only had two. Fitz was only attacked four times. But both catches were for touchdowns, and it's still important in quality if not in quantity (although more quantity would not be a bad thing, huh?)

– The Raiders do not have a good defense, but, well, Johnson looked good.

– That same type of defense helped Christian Kirk catch and run for 59 yards.

– More or less went under the radar with all the other things that broke late, but I was surprised that the pbading race could not harbad Derek Carr more in the last impulse than them.

– Chandler Jones got two sacks, although the second came when Carr struggled without a win and the Raiders could still kick the winning field goal of the game.

– Andy Lee is a Pro Bowler. Period.

– Speaking of that last series, Bene Benwikere had the opportunity to redeem the play after he left the 32-yard bomb. It was not as obvious as Josh Bynes had stopped intercepting possession before, but Benwikere had the opportunity to make a selection and save himself and the game. He could not stand. Par for the course of the cardinals this week.

– The Cardinals lost linebacker Deone Bucannon with a chest injury after starting the game in the base defense and Buc probably would have played a lot if he had not fallen. It would have been interesting to see if the Cardinals would have been better against the race if he had stayed in the game.

– It's the second time this season that the Cardinals have scored more than 18 points. They had 28 in the first victory in San Francisco.

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