Ragnarok’? Surtur Is Destined To Destroy Asgard

Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok forward. Going into Thor: Ragnarok, the third and maybe ultimate Thor film staring Chris Hemsworth because the hammer-wielding God of Thunder, a number of followers had the identical query: what on the planet is Ragnarok? The filmmakers, it appears, anticipated this query, and within the very first scene of Thor: Ragnarok, a fireplace demon named Surtur is the one who will get the possibility to elucidate it. Well, Surtur is a key participant within the prophecy that predicts the overall destruction of Asgard — a prophecy often called Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok opens with Thor dangling in Surtur’s cave house, captured seemingly on objective in an try and be taught extra about Ragnarok and tips on how to forestall it. In his rage, Surtur tells Thor that Ragnarok will occur when his powers are restored by lighting his crown (his horns) with the Eternal Flame, conveniently being held within the vaults of Asgard. It is Surtur’s future, he believes, to destroy Asgard utterly and cut back the planet to nothing however ash and mud. In the comics, the character of Surtur has at all times been tied to Ragnarok. In “Avengers: Dissembled,” Surtur kills Odin whereas attempting to result in Ragnarok, in response to io9. Later within the story line, Thor permits Surtur to destroy Asgard and fulfill Ragnarok, simply as he does within the new movie.


At the tip of Thor: Ragnarok, Thor restores Surtur’s energy utilizing the Eternal Flame, seeing the hearth demon as the one one able to defeating Hela. Hela, Thor’s shock older sister, attracts her energy from Asgard itself, and unable to match her in energy, Thor decides to chop off her energy supply as an alternative. Surtur’s resurrection then unleashes the whole and utter destruction of Asgard, presumably killing Hela. In the tip, the hearth demon fulfilled Ragnarok, but additionally saved the day.

What’s most unclear about Surtur is what occurs subsequent. In Thor: Ragnarok, the viewers sees Surtur engulf Asgard in a ball of fireside to the purpose the place the complete world is obliterated. After the destruction, nonetheless, Surtur is nowhere to be seen. Despite a number of appearances within the comics, Surtur stays a mysterious determine in a single very particular space: loss of life. The fireplace demon, who dominated over the dimension of Muspelheim, does not actually appear to be the sort of creature that may be killed. Though Thor is ready to rip his horn-crown off of his head firstly of the movie, how he achieves this feat isn’t proven. Nor is it proven how Surtur is introduced again to his full energy by the Eternal Flame. Keeping these occasions off display raises the query: can Surtur actually die?

How Surtur would possibly survive such an enormous explosion, we do not know. (Though, as an historical being and fireplace demon, it appears secure to imagine he has some tips up his sleeves.) What we do know is that if Surtur is alive it might imply hbadle for Thor down the road. The fireplace demon fulfilled his future by destroying the bodily location of Asgard in Ragnarok, however he did not precisely destroy Asgard utterly. Before the tip, Thor and firm had been capable of efficiently evacuate Asgard, which implies that the Asgardian persons are nonetheless alive. Ragnarok appeared tied to a bodily place, but when Surtur is alive and if he ever finds out that Thor is making an attempt to construct a brand new Asgardian house for his individuals, it is affordable to badume he would possibly come again.


If Surtur does return, it is potential he might workforce up with Thanos. Both, it appears, have a sure affinity for inflicting loss of life and destruction. And one can solely think about the problem a Surtur-Thanos team-up would pose for the Avengers in coming movies. But even when followers do not see the return of Surtur any time quickly, it will be silly to imagine he’s gone and defeated without end. Characters within the MCU have a tendency to return again while you least count on them, and if Loki can cheat loss of life, then so can a mysterious fireplace demon. Asgard would possibly need to be careful.


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