Raghuvansh Singh is on ventilator in Lalu Yadav’s party RJD Days Ago

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh has fallen seriously ill and is placed on ventilator (file photo)

Patna: Former Union Minister Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, who recently resigned from the RJD establishment and led by Lalu Prasad, has left political waters in Bihar, has fallen seriously ill and has been put on ventilator, A close aide said on Saturday.

Mr. Singh, who was admitted to AIIMS, Delhi, almost a week after developing COVID complications, resigned from the party’s primary membership on Thursday and followed it up with an open letter, one day later, Lalu Addressing Prasad’s arch, rival and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar gave rise to speculation about his future move.

“Lion SirThe condition worsened last night. He was put on ventilator at 11.56 pm. We are praying for his safety ”, the aide, who is in favor of the septuagenarian, told PTI-language over the phone.

A staunch loyalist of the RJD chief, whom he supported through thick and thin, Mr. Singh fled the party a few months ago when fraternities about the mafia don replaced politician Ram Singh, his rival in the Vaishali Lok Sabha constituency, Resigned him. Post of National Vice President.

Mr. Singh, a cabinet associate of Lalu Prasad in the Manmohan Singh government, prohibited Ram Singh’s entry into the party and although he did not give up primary membership at the time, he stayed away from the day-to-day affairs of the RJD, which was held responsible Was, in part, for his being unwell.

On Thursday, his handwritten note addressed to Lalu Prasad announced that he had gone viral enough on social media.

The same day, the RJD chief sent Mr. Singh a letter from Ranchi, making an emotional appeal to his partner to leave the party for more than three decades.

On Friday, Mr. Singh wrote another letter from the hospital, this time addressing Nitish Kumar, who was seen as trying to be sympathetic to the Chief Minister, who was the chief of the JD (U), and for this, the RJD. The chief’s opponents were decades.

Often called the architect of the MNREGA scheme, which went away when he was the Union Minister for Rural Development, Mr. Singh has been in the political jungle for some time, losing two consecutive elections from Vaishali in 2014 and 2019, in which He was represented by the Lok Sabha set a record five times.

His relationship with Lalu Prasad’s younger son and apparent successor Tejashwi Yadav soured when he badly defeated the party in the Lok Sabha elections last year. .

JD (U) is said to be keen on winning Mr Singh, who was a highly respected leader till the Assembly elections, and there is speculation that it was robbing a Legislative Council seat for the son of the former Union Minister. is.


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