Rage 3? But Rage 2 has just released!


Someone is crazy, and it's not just Max.

The latest gossip surrounding Rage has me doing my best Jim Mora "Playoffs? Do not talk about the playoffs!" Print. Manager and staff Rabies 2 Launched more than three days ago, ID Software already wants to work in Rage 3.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tim Willits, of Id Software, expressed his enthusiasm for making another Rage sequel When asked if it is planned Rage Having a future beyond this game, Willits said "I hope so. It is the answer to that question. We have always loved this franchise because it is a very fun environment. We can do whatever we want. Once we were talking about riding on giant badroaches. What else can you have in a conversation where you can have a legitimate conversation? It's a crazy, fun and exciting franchise, and I hope we can do a third as soon as possible. "

In Willits' defense, this seems like a harmless desire that is based on the positive and entertaining ways in which the series has evolved. Realistically, Bethesda will probably have a green light in a third place. Rage (if you have not already done so). There is space in that perdition, Far CryY Borderlands they are still tremendously successful, and Rabies 2 It looks like a mashup of the three.

But if it's not official and it's completely informal, it's too early to start thinking Rage 3. We need time to breathe. We need time to play Rabies 2. Give it a couple of years and people will go "You know, I could really go for another Rage game. The last one was fun! "Then, BAM! Hit with the trilogy.

The studio director & # 39; Rage 2 & # 39; on how to create a "funny" apocalypse, influences & # 39; Mad Max & # 39; [The Hollywood Reporter]

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