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Rage 2 already has a discount for all platforms – Game Rant

Yesterday the officer marked. Rabies 2 release date, and opinions on Avalanche Studios and the new open-world shooter of id software having, therefore, father, less than stellar. In fact, many of those currently available Rabies 2 The reviews have presented the title for their weapons game and at the same time they disagree with their world and their narration. For some, these reviews may have been enough to take over the game, but a warning Rabies 2 The discount can help these players in the other direction.

In particular, this new Rabies 2 The discount, which occurs only one day after the launch of the game, is available through Walmart and removes $ 10 at retail cost. This price reduction of 17% applies to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Rabies 2, granting players of all platforms of the game launch the title at a cost of $ 49.94.

Although it is not a certainty, this file Rabies 2 The agreement may suggest that the initial sales of the title have fallen below the expectations of Bethesda, the publisher of the game. Perhaps the lukewarm reception that the title has received thus has really impacted the general interest Rabies 2Maybe that interest was relatively low to begin with. Certainly, the previous entry in the franchise guarantees a similar average response, and some players may not be interested in giving the series another chance as a result.

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Having said that, a series of comments have been complementary Rabies 2 game mode, with some that compare it with the one presented in 2016 DOOM. Many players have found, without a doubt, much to love. DOOMThe action, and the comparison, combined with this discount, could be enough for those on the fence to worry about Rabies 2 To bite the bullet and pick up the game.

To keep in mind, there is currently no indication of when the Walmart discount will be applied to Rabies 2 will come to an end, so players who are interested in the savings may wish to act on this agreement. Unfortunately, these players will not have access to Rabies 2 BFG, one of the pre-order bonuses of the game, but you will surely find a savings of $ 10 preferable to this special weapon.

Rabies 2 It is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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