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Rafael Palemeiro, 53, says he wants to return to Major League Baseball

Rafael Palmeiro says there is no doubt in his mind that he can play today.

1 . This is something I bet you never thought you would listen to: Rafael Palmeiro, who famously testified before Congress in March 2005 that he never used steroids before being suspended in August 2005 for using steroids, is considering a return of MLB to age mature of 53.

Palmeiro, who played from 1986 to 2005, hit 569 homers in his career. He is convinced that he can still rake, telling Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, "I have no doubt that I can do it, I've taken good care of myself, I've been working for years, everything feels better than when I played."

It seems that Palmeiro, who played for the Cubs, Rangers and Orioles, is motivated by the steroid scandal.

"Maybe 12 years later, I can show the whole world that I did not need anything to have a good career," he said. "Maybe 12 years later, if I can go back and show that I do not need anything like an older player with an older body, then people might think: OK, maybe he did not do anything intentionally."

Personally, I want to see this attempt to return only from the pure entertainment point of view. Yes, you would like the boy who tries to play again at 53 years old to be nicer, but he is still a win-win for the fans. A 53-year-old man who tries to hit a curved Clayton Kershaw ball will be hysterically funny or, if he can do so, simply amazing.

2 . Brent Musburger probably did not like what I wrote in Traina Thoughts yesterday .

3 . Justin Verlander is still asked if it was better to win a World Series or go on a honeymoon with Kate Upton. In a very intelligent move, he continues to refuse to respond.

4 . I'm not saying that the Astros outfielder, George Springer, is a liar, but when you look at the trophy, this does not seem possible.

5 . Odell Beckham Jr. shared pictures of his various tattoos yesterday, which include the character Prince used when he changed his name to a symbol, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr. and an image of Allen Iverson stepping on Tyronn Lue's shoulder .

6 . If you need some laughs, I suggest reading the answers to this tweet.

7 . RANDOM FIGHT FIGHT VIDEO : It was reported yesterday that The Rock will have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Of course, veteran WWE fans knew a long time ago that Dwayne Johnson had serious acting skills thanks to promotions like this.

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