Radio Program & # 39; Prairie Home Companion & # 39; renamed & # 39; City Hall & # 39;


"A Prairie Home Companion" is changing its name to "Town Hall" after an allegation of labor misconduct against former host Garrison Keillor.

The man who replaced Keillor as host of "Prairie Home" after Keillor retired last year announced the new name of the series on Saturday.

Chris Thile also addressed the accusation against Keillor during the first minutes of the first broadcast of the radio show since news of the accusation was heard. Thile said the accusation was "heartbreaking news."

Minnesota Public Radio, the parent company of the program's distributor, ended its relationship with Keillor by the indictment. The network did not give details of the alleged misconduct. Keillor says he touched a woman's bare back while trying to comfort her, and that he apologized.

Thile says that the USA UU They are in the midst of a movement that he believes represents progress. He says that people are recognizing the "imbalance of harmful power that women have had to endure for so long in our culture."


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