Rachel Zoe’s son hospitalized after falling 40 feet from a ski lift, the fashion designer wrote in an Instagram story

Fashion designer Rachel Zoe shared the harsh story of her son falling 40 feet from a ski lift on Sunday. Nine-year-old Skyler was hospitalized after the accident.

“Sky yesterday fell 40 feet below a ski lift that could have been easily stopped if the operator had stopped the lift when he saw that Sky was not there from the start and [husband Rodger Berman] Screaming to stop the lift. Zoe told in an Instagram story on Monday that there is no need to say by the Miracle and Ski Patrol heroes, who quickly put a mat where they thought she would fall and she could eventually save her life or what could happen is.

His Instagram story included a message from Sky, who appeared to be in good spirits and was walking into his hospital room. In one video, he said, “I’m fine, I’m just sour. I’m sad but I’m fine.”

It is unclear where the incident occurred, although Zoe recently posted on Instagram about being in Colorado. Her second son, 7-year-old son Caius, appears to be unwell, though Zoe said he and Burman were “grieving for life”.

She says her family has received support since posting about the accident. Zoe wrote on Instagram, “Akash is reading every message and I am as happy and grateful as I have been. It means feeling the love and healing that comes this way.”

Zoe said that she and Burman are especially grateful to see the progress of the sky as she continues to recover: “Sky was either more brave than either of us and we just continued to hug the kiss, Is, and just to stare at it until further notice … hugs your children are different from us today. “


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