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Rachel Weisz is pregnant and is expecting her first child with Daniel Craig

  Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig

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After seven years of marriage, Rachel Weisz awaits her first child with Daniel Craig .

"I'll show you soon," he told The New York Times with a smile. "Daniel and I are very happy, we are going to have a little human being, we can not wait to meet him, it's a mystery."

This time, the Dream House co-stars know what to expect: Weisz, 48, has a son, 11, with the director Darren Aronofsky and Craig, 50, has a daughter, 25, with the actress Fiona Loudon .

"I'm very happy to be married," Weisz said of Craig. "Very very happy".

Although some celebrities make the "couple as a couple" part of their brand, it is not true for Weisz and Craig. "I really take my hat off, but Daniel and I are very similar, we literally do not know how to do that," he confessed. "We're just shit talking about our private lives." Outside of Hollywood, the actress said The New York Times & # 39; Maureen O & # 39; Dowd "I love being Mrs. Craig". In fact, Weisz shared, "I'm Mrs. Craig in my checkbooks and passports and things."

Weisz, who promoted his new movie Disobedience did not disclose his expiration date. [19659004] The Academy Award-winning actress has always been open about the ups and downs of motherhood. In the December 2009 edition of Redbook for example, he said: "I think one of the things that moms do not allow them to talk enough about each other is when you pull your hair At home with the children, those moments when everything collapses and you feel you are going to scream ". Weisz suggested that new mothers "meet in regular groups" to talk freely about their feelings of frustration, without fear of being judged. "It does not make us less good or less human, just real, I think sometimes there's too much pressure on us to be perfect mothers, to be empathetic and loving all the time … Every woman needs a good girlfriend to be able to go and say: "I can not deal with all that today." Because even though children are the most precious things in the world, they are also ready to put us to the test.I think women are already stretched and pushed to be perfect, and somehow Makes me crazy ".

As her son aged Weisz was not sure if he would ever have another child. "I'm quite happy," he said in Marie Claire in September 2012. "I do not plan to have more, but I never say never." Like many parents, Weisz said he had trouble balancing all of his responsibilities at home and at work. "As with any job, there are days when you just pull your hair out, the same as anyone who wants to be with your child or your husband, and all working mothers feel that, do not they?" the British actress said. "Of course, sometimes it's great to walk away and feel," Hurray, I'm not going to change diapers today. "I mean, I love my son, but he's not exempt from conflict."

Even before starting dating Craig in 2010, "I never thought I would get married," said Weisz The Evening Standard ] in January 2018 . "It was not my ambition, it was just the opposite." Unable to relate to romantic comedies, "It just happened, happily, at a more mature moment."

When asked if the marriage had changed her, Weisz admitted that she did not know how to answer the question. "I mean, I wear a ring all the time," she replied. "I wear my ring with pride, they have taken me away."

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