Rachel Maddow calls Amy Klobuchar the "fun"

SUBWAYSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow took the Democratic nomination to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minneapolis, on Monday, but her praise was not as effusive as it was for another Democrat competing for the White House.

"If you end up not becoming president of the United States, I hope you remain in public life forever," Maddow told Klobuchar, saying he was "one of the easiest people" to talk to. "But until now, you've also done a lot of good in public life, so it's exciting to see what you can do at this next level."

Klobuchar, 58, officially began his campaign on Sunday during an outdoor event at Boom Island Park, Minneapolis, Minn., While the snow covered the crowd of thousands. The three-term senator and former district attorney joked in her speech about the typical cold Minnesotan conditions.

"We do not let a little bit of snow stop us, we do not allow a little cold to stop us," he told his supporters.

Maddow said that Klobuchar's humor could distinguish her from the other contenders for the Democratic Party nomination given the size of the main camp.

"She is not the most professionally packaged candidate in the world, but the difference distinguishes her in many ways," said Maddow, adding that another weakness in Klobuchar's candidacy is his lack of name recognition.

Maddow's interview with Klobuchar follows another with Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat for the 2020 contender, during which Maddow predicted good fortune for the former California attorney general.

"Senator Harris, I'm excited to see the effect it has on the primary process, I think it's going to be a formidable contender," Maddow told Harris. "I'll say, honestly, that there's a good chance you'll win the nomination – in a general election fight against Donald Trump it would be the funniest thing in the world to cover."

Maddow, 45, has become a kind of queen in Democratic politics, thanks in part to the more than two million viewers who, on average, tune in to her show of the same name in prime time every night. The television presenter and the liberal commentator have so far interviewed the four senators who have made official movements towards the presidency, among which are Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mbad., And Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. Klobuchar, however, joins Harris to be invited to the Maddow program and scheduled to appear at a CNN town hall.

During the interview on Monday, Klobuchar also let slip that he has spoken with former President Barack Obama about his candidacy for the White House, but did not disclose if he encouraged her to run for a higher office.

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