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Cooper City, FLA. (WSVN) – Health officials issued a rabies alert for parts of Broward County after testing positive for a feline disease in the Dewey area.

The alerts, which were issued Friday, include those living south of Interstate 595, east of SR-823, north of Griffin Road and west of South Pine Island Road.

“Especially if they have outside pets, outdoor cats, people who are feeding stray cats, it needs to be ensured that only feeding them is not enough,” said Dr. Christina Comartin of Cooper City Animal Clinic . ” “They need, preferably, fix them and get them rabies vaccinated.”

Officials said a cat tested positive for the disease on Wednesday. Rabies vaccination is mandatory in the county, and the disease can be fatal to humans bitten by an animal infected by it.

“It’s not hard at all,” Comartin said. “I mean, it just involves taking them to the vet, getting a vaccine.”

When pet owners like Geno Paolini get their pets vaccinated, veterinarians said it protects everyone, not just the animal.

“We make sure he gets his annual checkups and rabies shots and everything he needs to do each year, that way he stays healthy, and he can be part of the family,” Paolini said .

Rami Shahramaram ensured that his Beagle-Mix Ringo vaccine was vaccinated.

“He’s very curious about everything,” he said. “He loves playing with everything.”

Veterinarians said that the disease may appear differently in infected animals.

“Anything neurologic can offer in many ways,” Komartin said. “They can be eighteen, falling over, not moving right. One type of rabies is that they are completely paralyzed. If there is no rabies vaccine, then any type of abnormal neurologic behavior is a sign of possible rabies. . ”

Officials are advising the public to ensure that all their pets are vaccinated for rabies and stay away from animals, such as raccoons, bats and foxes, which can carry the disease.

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