Quick Mind, the release of Tom Brady weighs heavily on the Chiefs – Boston Herald

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tom Brady, 41, is too old to take a team to the AFC Championship game and Patrick Mahomes, 23, is too young. So, why can the winner play in the Super Bowl?

Because both are great mental and physical talents that rarely act their ages in the field.

Much of the Chiefs' talk during the week has focused on the challenge of trying to make Brady, out of consecutive games where he had his fastball buzz and ride the black edges of the plate, uncomfortable. Brady combined perfect timing and deadly precision to calm fears about the condition of his left knee and the effects of aging.

In search of help with his work, the Chiefs defensive tackle, fast, with long arms, 6 feet 6, 310 pounds, Chris Jones, spoke with the ticket holders through the media on the last day of interviews before the first AFC Championship Game in the history of Arrowhead Stadium.

"Keep it out loud, keep it strong," Jones said. "I know it's going to be cold, bring your overalls, bring your sweaters, thick coats if necessary, but let's keep it strong, affect this guy in any way possible"

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