Quick Hits: Yankees, Chapman, Rage, Morton, Nationals, Rizzo, Martinez

New York will make a decision about the Yankees Aroldis ChapmanTimeline to take action after a throw session on Tuesday, Marley Rivera copy of ESPN. Chapman is yet to make his appearance this season. He tested positive for COVID-19 on July 11 after showing mild symptoms. Chapman is back at full strength and is hoping to return to the back end of the Yanks bullpen soon. Last season, Chapman put together another top-notch campaign in 60 games with 37 saves and 2.21 ERA / 2.28 FIP, while batting 13.4 per innings.

  • Charlie morton The Tampa Bay Rays made their debut today with swelling of the right shoulder, According to Juan Toribio of MLB.com. The Rays do not appear to be overly concerned about Morton in the long term. The 36-year-old has not had a great start with a 5.52 ERA in three starts, although this is clearly a small sample, and the 4.06 FIP is not too pessimistic of his performance.
  • According to the Washington Post’s Jesse Dogarty, no one is close to Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez or GM Mike Rezzo to come on an extension (Twitter Link). Both are in the final year of their current deals. Nations have proved to be a fairly conservative organization and one that does not move due to public perception. For their parts, both Martinez and Rizzo rely heavily on the organization. Given that the Nats are pulling out of a World Series championship, it’s hard to imagine if the man is moving on. Rizzo is the oldest architect of these nuts – one of the most enduring contenders of the last decade – while Martinez is The culture of the club in its current iteration. He both honors and praises his players by all accounts. This is a pure guess, but the ownership of the Nats may be waiting on these extensions and adopting a princely stance. He regularly let star players play the final season of their deals, and it showed some organizational continuity to do the same with Rizzo and Martinez.