Qui Leonard injury: Clapper All-Star took eight stitches to treat a wound in the mouth after suffering an elbow

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Kavya Leonard helped recruit his former Toronto Raptors teammate, Serge Ibka, to the Los Angeles Clippers to shore up a front-court that needed defensive help from the inside. Instead, it was Leonard who took the brunt of Ibaka’s strength at Christmas, when a little friendly fire left Leonard bleeding on the floor.

The play came around the 6:10 mark of the fourth quarter. Patrick Beverley missed a shot, and Ibaka set about trying to grab the rebound. He was not found, but he accidentally elbowed Leonard in the jaw, immediately sending him to the floor and bleeding heavily by NBA standards. Leonard left the game without a comeback and was forced Get 8 stitches To treat a wound in his mouth, and the Clippers eventually prevailed, 121–108.

The Clippers are extremely cautious when it comes to injury, and have sat Leonard out of regular-season games last season in the name of preserving his body. A possible jaw injury is a different animal, however, because recurrence is unlikely. If there is no serious damage other than pain, Leonard probably won’t need to lose time. Clippers coach Tu Leu Told reporters After the game that “he is going to recover,” then this is the likely scenario, meaning the Clippers were lucky to escape Denver with both a win and a healthy superstar.

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