Quentin Tarantino could direct a Star Trek movie


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No, it's not April Fool's Day. Deadline reports that Quentin Tarantino-yes, that Quentin Tarantino-could direct a Star Trek movie .

Apparently, Tarantino launched an idea for Trek movie producer JJ Abrams, who loved it, and will soon start putting together a writer's room to complete it. If everything fits in, Tarantino might be interested in directing Abrams production.

However, this will not happen soon. The next for the iconic director is his still untitled film from 1969, which Sony Pictures has just compiled. That already has a release date of August 9, 2019, so there is no doubt that it is next for him. That leaves almost two years for a script to be written that attracts Tarantino to do several things he had never done before.

He never directed a show he did not write. He has never made a science fiction movie. He has never made a great franchise movie. If he makes this movie, it could be his tenth movie, and it is said he would retire after 10 movies. Would it really come out with a Star Trek movie ? And there are probably 15 other things that make this news be surprising.

The deadline could not receive comments from the Paramount or Tarantino camp, and that is to be expected. Something so big, so early, is not advertised regularly. Also, there is no information on how, if it changes, the fourth movie Trek is proposed that is supposed to bring Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk.

But, shit! Holy crap Quentin Tarantino could direct a movie from Star Trek . And even if he does not direct the film, we can still watch a movie from Star Trek from the mind of Quentin Tarantino.


Update : Birth films Death discovered this audio piece from a Nerdist podcast 2015 Tarantino really talks about some ideas for a movie from Star Trek . Whether or not this includes something that Abrams launched, we do not know, but it is possible. And hell, it's Tarantino who is talking about Star Trek anyway. We thought it was worth an update.

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