Queen Elizabeth once killed Prince Philip with a shoe for a very difficult ‘report’

Queen Elizabeth once killed Prince Philip with a shoe for a very difficult ‘report’

Queen Elizabeth was once seen jumping off her shoes at Prince Philip, saying that the prince was always ‘very strict’ on the emperor.

The incident in question was recorded by an Australian film crew, who were surprised to see the incident.

He reportedly grabbed the queen in one of her rages and instinctively started throwing her shoes in the direction of her runaway husband.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward has also written about this incident in his book Prince Philip revealed, And according to an excerpt, “A camera operator was horrified to see Philippe walking out of the pair, followed by a pair of tennis shoes and a racket, and a very angry queen yelling at him to come back saw. Then that abusive queen grabbed her husband and pulled him back inside. “

It was only later that the crew stopped filming and started waiting for the emperor again. When he did, however, he politely asked the men to hand over their footage. He reportedly told the men, “I’m sorry for that short hiatus, but as you know, it happens in every marriage. Now, what would you like me to do?”

The reason Rani was so angry at her husband was because she was always “very strict” with him. Mostly he chose to change the subject.

According to Ms. Seward, she “rarely answered but changed the subject and started speaking in riddles that would distract her as he tried to figure out what she was talking about”.

Another bitter exchange between the Queen and Prince Philip is also elaborated within the book and reads, “On one occasion when Philip was making a sound about something, the Queen said it very sharply , ‘Oh Philip, don’t shut up. ” ‘You have no idea what you’re talking about.’

While most of these incidents occurred during his fiery youth, a royal source was admitted daily Mirror, That all this continues to this day, “the queen and Philip still have blazing lines. You can hardly believe what you are seeing. “Mostly” ‘nonsense’ and ‘you have no idea what you’re talking about.’


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