Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip receive COVID-19 vaccination

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip received her COVID-19 Vaccination, royal officials said on Saturday. Buckingham Palace officials said in a statement that 94-year-old Emperor and 99-year-old Philip received their jabs on Saturday, joining some 1.5 million people in Britain who have been given their first dose of a vaccine.

The injections were placed at Windsor Castle, where the queen and her husband were spending their time during the lockout in England.

Royal officials said they took the rare step of commenting on the emperor’s health to prevent mistakes and further speculation. Mahal’s statement said that the queen decided that she would tell that she had got vaccinated.

Britain became the first country in the world to launch a mass vaccination campaign against coronoviruses on 8 December. The government says it aims to deliver the first vaccine dose to about 15 million people in the top priority groups by mid-February.

Including all people over the age of 70, as well as health care workers, caring for the residents of the home and the health of anyone they are particularly sensitive to the virus.


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