Quebec City sword attack survivors shared stories on social media

Montreal – Some victims who survived a brutal attack with a sword in Quebec City on Halloween weekend are sharing their stories on social media.

Following a publication ban on Thursday, 37-year-old Gelberto Porus, 19-year-old Lisa Mahmood, 24-year-old Limi Mahmood and 26-year-old Pierre LaGrevol were identified as the four victims. The identity of the other victims will remain private if victimized.

Mahmood and Lagrevol, who are friends and French citizens living in Quebec City, were together that night and described the traumatic experience on a Facebook post.

“We were going to take pictures of Petit Champagne,” LaGrevol recounted a small commercial strip in the capital’s old neighborhood.

“We came across this madman who beat me and my best friend. We managed to escape – others did not get that chance. ”

LaGrevol said his focus is now on rebuilding, both physically and mentally. The extent of his injuries is unknown.

Mahmud required multiple surgeries after striking his right shoulder. He was evacuated from the hospital several days after the attack.

Mahmood said on an Instagram post, “I was a victim of an attempted murder with a sword.” “I got many blows but thank God I’m still alive.”

Lisa Mehmood

She later said in an Instagram video that she is still in a lot of pain, but that the treatment will take place “step by step”.

Andrene Carue’s mother Mary-Helen Brown explained via a Facebook post how proud she was of her daughter, who was as close to the attack as it was.

Cario, along with his friend Josalito, heard the screams of the people and said that they tried their best to help them escape.

“You are not surprised at your safety”, Brown said. “On the Frontenac ladder, you took control, called for help and made turnkeykates with whatever was on your hands.”

In the attacks on 31 October, François Ducheson and Susan Clermont were killed.

Carl Girouard, 24, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder in connection with crimes.

Giroud will return to court on 20 November, where he will face a bail hearing.


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