Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama quarterback Crimson Tide, planned to transfer if he did not play in a championship game

Field Marshal Tua Tagovailoa said Thursday he would have transferred from Alabama if he did not play against Georgia in the National Football Championship.

Tagovailoa not only replaced starter Jalen Hurts to start the second half, but his 41-yard touchdown pbad to DeVonta Smith on the second possession of overtime gave Crimson Tide a 26-23 victory and the championship.

Tagovailoa reflected on his thinking process at the time of Thursday when he was speaking at his old middle school in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

"Even throughout my entire football season, I was not the opener," Tagovailoa told the students, according to Hawaii News Now. "I wanted to leave school, so I said to myself that if I did not play in the last game, which was the national championship, I would transfer, if I gave in, I do not think I would have seen it." the final blessing of where I am now. "

Tagovailoa's thoughts prior to the championship game were not new, he told the students that he had considered moving to the beginning of the season.

" I called my dad and asked him if my offer the University of Southern California was still available, "Tagovailoa told the students." I wanted to leave. I told my dad that I wanted to go to a school where I thought it would be easier for me and would not challenge me so much. "

Tagovailoa told the seventh and eighth graders their initial consultation about the transfer was not well received by his parents, who told him he had to move on, according to Hawaii News Now.


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