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Qualcomm files a PalmOS patent infringement claim to ban Apple iPhones


In a move from blow to blow, Qualcomm responded to Apple's patent counterclaim last week by adding Palm to the mix. So far, he has accused Apple of infringing connectivity, energy efficiency and patents on 3D images on iPhone 7 to iPhone X models, but it has simply accumulated on some interfaces to a good extent.

What does Palm have to do? with that, questions? Their webOS now lives largely on smart TVs, since LG bought the rights to use a while ago, although not patents, and as a result its TV interface is one of the friendliest among the big TV manufacturers (we know that it does not say much, they are all terrible). Qualcomm, however, bought some patents related to the Palm OS interface in 2014 as an HP package, and now says that Apple is taking unfair advantage of similar actions on its iPhones without paying the appropriate license fees.
" All of these Palm inventions, owned by Qualcomm, have vastly improved the functionality of mobile devices and the user experience, and all of them are widely found in Apple products without a license or permit " the presentation of the chip manufacturer. It is not entirely clear which Palm patents Qualcomm talks about, nor which ones it has acquired, but if the Palm Pre interface based on gestures of 2010 was part of the package that it received from HP, Apple could soon find itself in a bind about navigation ideas on the iPhone X, as can be clearly seen in the previous video.

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