QAnon supporters were unfazed after yet another false prediction –

QAnon supporters were unfazed after yet another false prediction

QAnon’s conspiracy community appears relatively unaffected after March 4, the day many of them predicted that President TrumpDonald Trump, Trump State Department Appointed Arrested In Connection With Capitol Riot Intelligence Community Investigating Links Between Lawmakers, Capitol Rioters Michelle Obama Criticizes’ Partisan Actions’ To ‘Restrict Access To Polls ‘ PLUS it would be reopened – approved without incident.

This isn’t the first time a prominent date has come and gone for QAnon. Dozens of his predictions have not come true since the theory’s birth in 2017.

The long-range conspiracy has thought that Hillary clintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton Mentions ‘Freedom Fries’ To Mock ‘Cancel Culture’ Edie Falco To Play Hillary Clinton In Clinton Impeachment Series White House Defends Biden’s Comment On ‘Neanderthal Thought’ Masks MORE would be arrested, that ex special prosecutor Robert MuellerRobert (Bob) Mueller Why is a special attorney guaranteed if Biden chooses Yates, Cuomo or Jones?The report on Russian intervention in the elections would reveal damning evidence about the involvement of Democrats in child trafficking networks and that former President Trump would emerge on the day of President BidenTrump State Department Designee Joe Biden Arrested in Connection with Capitol Riots FireEye Finds Evidence Chinese Hackers Exploited Microsoft’s Email App Flaw Since January, Biden Officials To Travel To The border amidst influx of young migrants MOREinauguration to execute his political opponents.

QAnon has been built by moving goal posts from the start, experts say.

“QAnon fans are primarily involved with the community because of the sense of meaning or community it brings to them, not necessarily because they believe it gives them an accurate understanding of future events,” Travis View, co-host of the QAnon Anonymous podcast, told The Hill in an email.

March 4 emerged as a key date in the community after Biden’s inauguration. Some supporters had clung to a theory of the fringe movement of sovereign citizens that believes that all laws passed after the ratification of the 14th Amendment in 1868 are illegitimate.

The inauguration was moved from March 4 to January 20, 1933 to shorten the troubled period.

But even before the fated Thursday arrived, many influential figures in the community warned that any activity would be a false flag.

In forums and chats on Friday morning, some QAnon followers quickly began to claim that March 20 was the actual date that Biden would be arrested, while others applauded the community for not falling for the false flag of March 4. March.


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