‘Qanon Shaman’ who turned on Trump seeks release after organic food causes ‘digestive problems’

Jacob Anthony Chansley was forced to “reconcile” his shamanic faith in Donald Trump after the former president rejected his pardon only to grant clemency to personal colleagues and friends, such as Lil ‘Wayne.

In a pretrial release motion that begins with a misattributed quote to Mark Twain, lawyers say the so-called shaman QAnon is a “self-analysis” work in progress who is dedicating his life to art, writing, and working with children. .

“A lie can travel half the world while the truth puts its shoes on,” the motion begins, attributing a quote to Mr. Twain that likely originated centuries earlier courtesy of satirist Jonathan Swift.

The pretrial release motion filed in the United States District Court says Chansley has been “very grateful” for the efforts to meet his dietary needs, following his hunger strike to organic food.

“Having said that, and without questioning the efforts of the authorities in this regard, the accused has experienced significant problems in the digestive tract for which a medical consultation has been requested,” the motion said.

Attorney Albert Watkins writes in the motion that Chansley’s attorney approached former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to confirm a request for a presidential clemency after his arrest.

“After the defendant noted that former President Trump forgave his friends and colleagues and Lil ‘Wayne, the defendant was forced to reconcile his previous faith in former President Trump with the actions and words of former President Trump,” he said the motion.

Chansley offered to testify against the former president at impeachment and said he was one of the people prompted by Trump’s actions and speech in The Ellipse on January 6.

The offer was not accepted by the impeachment managers of the Democratic House.

The motion gives more information about Chansley, his shamanic faith and his profession as a published author and artist, and he lives by the Ahimsa principle, which promotes a life that does not harm any living being.

Chansley’s Legel team submitted examples of their art and Amazon listings for their books as evidence, One mind at a time: a deep state of illusion, written under the name Jacob Angeli, and Will and Power: Inside the Living Library, spelled with the name Loan Wolf.

The art of ‘QAnon Shaman’

(US District Court)

The lawyers also said that Chansley has been held in solitary confinement since he was detained due to Covid-19 requirements, and that his shamanic beliefs prevent him from being vaccinated.

They said the anti-vaccination belief system was a problem while he served on the USS Kittyhawk for two years until his service was cut short for his refusal to take an anthrax vaccine.

“The defendant wishes to confirm as a matter of record in this document that his current self-analysis is a work in progress, one that has led to his conclusion that [has] zero interest in dealing and addressing all political issues, “the motion says.

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