Put me on Team Woody – Mia Farrow is full of it

Mia Farrow continues to act.

In Part 1 of HBO’s new documentary series “Allen v. Farrow,” the actress, who seems as prim and uptight as Connecticut, recounts, once again, how she was emotionally mutilated by filmmaker Woody Allen, who abandoned her. for an adult daughter and then, he claims, he proceeded to abuse his other prepubescent girl.

It’s a riveting, if strangely antiseptic, performance by an actress who has done her life’s work demanding revenge from the man who did her wrong.

The problem is that it seems to me that not a word, with the possible exceptions of “and” and “but”, is true.

And once again, Mia’s scorched earth revenge fantasy has claimed an innocent victim: her daughter, Dylan, who was allegedly brutalized by Woody when she was 7 years old. As she has for decades, Mia is exploiting Dylan, now 35, mentally mutilating her, throwing her under Woody’s bus in a twisted effort to destroy her ex-lover’s life, reputation, and career.

Why did the filmmakers cheer her on so cynically? Maybe because this horrible story makes the story better than the one that actually happened.

As you watch Part 1, posted on Sunday, it’s helpful to compare Mia’s current story of betrayal and endless dinners in busy restaurants with the one she testified in a New York City court in 1993, when Woody sued her for custody of the three children. they share.

A crucial point in the episode comes when Mia recounts that she found Polaroid photos of her daughter Soon-Yi Previn in Woody’s apartment, across Central Park from hers. In the shots, Soon-Yi is naked.

According to Mia’s revisionist history of the event, Soon-Yi, now 50, is not just a hobbyist, but the subject of hardcore “porn” straight out of “Hustler.”

The discovery of the curly-fur treasure prompted Mia to rush back to her apartment, shaking, she now says, to face her daughter.

“Soon-Yi was at home and I remember saying. ‘I found the photos,’ ”Farrow recalls“ suddenly ”. “And she said, ‘What photos?’ And I said, ‘The photos Woody took.’ And she started crying and I started crying and I said, ‘No, no, it’s not your fault.’ And he was beside himself. “


And apparently untrue.

When Mia, now 76, testified in court about 28 years ago, no one was crying. Instead, Mia testified, after confronting Soon-Yi about the merely “nude” photos, her daughter made fun of her mother.

“The person who sleeps with [Woody] She’s the one with the relationship, ” Mia bitterly recalled Soon-Yi saying. And then Mia admitted on the stand that she hit and hit the young girl.

“I’m not proud,” Mia testified coldly.

In addition to this ugly but honest display of anger, I saw a display in the courtroom that made me question Mia’s sanity. It was a photograph of Mia with her gigantic brood of biological and adopted children. Mia had driven metal stakes into each person’s chest to show Woody how his actions with Soon-Yi had broken their hearts.

There were other televised deviations from the story he had told.

Mia says in the documentary that a therapist, around 1990, gave the opinion that Woody acted “inappropriately”, but not sexually, towards Dylan around 1990, when Mia was still with him. She mentions this to explain why she stayed with Woody and had a child with him.

But the likely truth is much simpler: that no child abuse occurred. No, like Mia said, at her home in Connecticut. Not anywhere. (Woody has flatly denied that it happened.)

Mia won primary custody of her children, but she was never proven right.

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow attend a party in 1992.
Woody Allen and Mia Farrow attend a party in 1992.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

The fact is, no matter how much Mia and her followers want the abuse to be true, New York State authorities said they couldn’t prove the allegations and Connecticut child abuse experts concluded that Mia may have “trained” Dylan to lie about it. Mia’s adopted son Moses, 43, has also long maintained that his mother had “brainwashed” Dylan into believing him.

Woody and Soon-Yi have been married since 1997 and have two adopted daughters. There has never been another accusation of sexual abuse against him, before or after Dylan’s. Experts in the field say that those who attack young people tend to commit these crimes repeatedly.

The sad part is that Dylan Farrow seems to believe that she was Woody’s prey. You may never recover from these seemingly false memories.

Which is why the filmmakers and Mia Farrow should be ashamed.


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