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Puffco Peak is a high-design smart platform with a science fiction environment


This is Puffco Peak's intelligent platform.

Josh Miller / CNET

Every year, when I attend the CES annual technology fair, which is held every January in Las Vegas, I hope to see a lot of the "unexpected". Televisions that curve like snakes, potentially saving health technology, talking toilets maybe a cool robot dog .

But what I did not anticipate was leaving Las Vegas more Impressed by a high-tech space vaporizer that looked like something the First Order would smoke (if it had an ounce of cold).

Despite being held in "Sin City," where legalized recreational marijuana sales began six months ago, CES 2018 was practically a desert for cannabis consumer technology, unless went to the trouble to find it . However, the few companies that came to the largest technology fair shed an optimistic light on cannabis-centric technology, thriving on the margins of the mainstream, waiting patiently on the wings for consumers to wake up and smell the grass .

A radical platform

Puffco impressed the Peak and inspired a timely conversation about the complex public place occupied by a concentrated vaporizer at a technology fair caught in the desert eye of federal prohibition and rapidly developing marijuana. emerging industry in Nevada after local legalization.

Peak is the first "intelligent platform", or at least that's what Puffco is calling. The creative minds behind the company's award-winning vaporizer markers went out of their way to transform a previously cumbersome (and sometimes dangerous) process into an elegant and optimized experience.

It's as easy to work as a Keurig coffeemaker. Simply add water, load the ceramic bowl with the concentrate, then cover with the lid, press the (only) button, wait 20 seconds, then inhale from the narrow end of the tube in the form of lava lamp. It has four heat settings that automatically adjust and calibrate to obtain consistent results in each extraction.

The desktop vaporizer successfully combines elements of existing drilling equipment; It is electric, wireless, fully charged through micro-USB in about two hours, and uses water filtration to help cool the smoke.

Top Popularity

The Puffco peak would look out of place in a common virtual store. Looking more like a "Tron" movie fixture with a delicately thin and subtly accentuated LED light band around its base, it would fit more into the brutalist coffee table of an ostentatious stoner cafe or on the shelf of an independent magazine publisher. The only thing that could make it more cool is if Kendrick Lamar produced a soundtrack for him.

As a more secure, streamlined and advanced way to consume cannabis concentrates, Puffco ambitiously domesticated the platform through a refined design and is now taking reservations for anyone interested in purchasing Peak. The official price has not been announced, but it is expected to be around $ 350- $ 400.

Legal but not the same

In Nevada, the legal use of cannabis is only allowed on private property and, because of that the gaming industry is regulated by federal law, tourists should not even think about blowing up in the casino.

Las Vegas currently does not allow any kind of business that offers a place for people to consume cannabis, such as a bar for alcohol. Similarly, the cannabis companies that defied CES 2018 eluded complicated puzzles to be there.

Great expectations

Marijuana is often normalized and regularly celebrated in fashion, music, movies and television, but it does not have the same kind of open acceptance in the technological scene. Weed remains a serious legal risk, even for medical use.

Vapium, a company that specializes in medical vaporizers, also made a quiet appearance at CES 2018. The company introduced its next Smart Flow system, a cartridge-based vaporizer connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with USB-C which measures dosage, frequency, use and effectiveness through the application.

The Smart Flow system and Puffco Peak are both vaporizers, similar outliers in the broad category of consumer technology. But the two devices could not be more different, and they are made for two very different demographic groups.

The growing variety of "weed technology" products that range from portable decarboxylation devices, elegant bags that mask the stench of marijuana and cooking oil infusers, highlight the obvious fact that the cannabis consumer does not It is a monolith. With or without federal approval, and if the mainstream – and CES – is concerned about paying attention, the cannabis industry is growing fearlessly in high technology.

(CNET does not encourage illegal activity, marijuana use is an offense under Federal Law, despite state marijuana laws, for more information, click here)

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