Puerto Rico’s primary railroad closes

Meanwhile, Weczak called the situation a “disaster” and demanded the resignation of the chairman of the Election Commission.

“They made the people of Puerto Rico, not the candidates, believe they were ready,” she said. “Today the opposite was obvious. they lied.”

His party’s president, Thomas Rivera Shutz, held a joint press conference with the president of the main opposition Popular Democratic Party and said they agreed that the remaining primaries should be held on August 16, which Vezczek said he supported. The two parties are holding their primary elections in the November general election, with six candidates among the winning candidates.

Other politicians argued that the entire primary was disbanded on the second date.

An untrustworthy Shutz mentioned that trucks were still standing at the commission’s headquarters with ballot papers as they spoke there.

“The question is, why haven’t they left?” he said.

A commission spokesman said officials were not immediately available for comment.

To make things more complicated, Edgardo Romain, president of the Bar Association of Puerto Rico, told the Associated Press that it is unclear what options are legally viable as the island’s electoral law is not clear.

“It does not consider this scenario,” he said.

Hundreds of frustrated voters wore essential face masks and hung spikes in the COVID-19 cases, which drifted away from Puerto Rico centers as officials told them that no ballots were available.

The situation affected voters and politicians of all stripes as they blamed Puerto Rico’s Election Commission and demanded clarification of ballots reaching only a handful of polling stations by noon.

“This is disrespectful, disrespectful and an effort against the democracy of our country”, said Margo Cruz, the mayor of the northern city of Vega Baja, saying there was still a wait for ballots.

Meanwhile, officials from the two main parties of the island scramble to find a solution as they urged voters to show centers still open.

44-year-old teacher Yadira Pizarro walked out of patience at a closed polling station in Carolina, where she waited more than four hours in the blazing sun.

“I can’t believe it. It’s some serious negligence,” he said.

One of the most-watched races on Sunday is the pro-state Progressive New Party, which fielded two candidates who served as replacement governors following last year’s political turmoil. Vezczek faces Peralucci, who represented Puerto Rico in Congress from 2009 to 2017.

Pierussi served as governor briefly as governor. Ricardo Rossello staged widespread street protests following his resignation in August 2019, based on leaks and government corruption. But the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico said that the then Justice Secretary Vezquez was constitutionally in line because there was no Secretary of State.

Meanwhile, the main opposition Popular Democratic Party, which supports Puerto Rico’s current political status as a US territory, is holding a primary for the first time in its 82-year history. Three people are trying to become governors – San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, known for public spaces after the devastation of Hurricane Maria with US President Donald Trump; Puerto Rico Sen. Eduardo Bhatia; And Carlos Delgado, the mayor of the northwest coastal city of Isabella.