Puerto Rico’s power grid is not ready for hurricane season

MOROVIS, Puerto Rico – In the mountains here, there are still signs of despair.

A piece of wood painted with spray says: "We need light!"

This part of Puerto Rico has been without power for nine months, from a few days before the pbadage of Hurricane Irma late last summer.

Woodrow Reyes is terrified of what another hurricane season will bring. Hurricane Maria destroyed her brother's house, and her 85-year-old father, Manuel, has been bedridden by the suffocating heat.

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" We are US citizens and we feel we've been forgotten, "he said.

His family used a generator to survive, but Reyes said that" We're struggling to pay him the price. "

His daughter , Nicol Reyes, said he lost hope, but decided to stay on the island for his family.

"I just want people to know that we are suffering here and we need help because it is difficult to remain all this time without power," he said.

The hurricane season officially began on Friday amid serious doubts about the island's readiness and the deviation of local officials from a Harvard study suggesting that Maria's death toll may have been exponentially higher than the first thought.

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