Public Service Announcement: You should be more of a vicious killer in Monster Hunter Rise

MH Rise© Capcom

Monster hunter rise it’s been out for a while and a lot of people are playing it. While there are some solo hunters who leisurely play through the ‘story’ and have fun, for many it’s all about the online hub and hunting in groups of four. Of course, you can’t always play with friends, so when you join random players you rely on good old-fashioned etiquette. That always ends well …

Apparently a common occurrence in online gambling is that the moment a monster weakens, someone pulls out a trap and captures the beast. It seems logical, since it is quick and easy, but technically it should be the host’s decision.

Well, online games being what they are, especially on Nintendo hardware with non-existent voice chat, communication is cut off. However, this PSA from MH Gaijin Hunter’s magician is worth checking out; this writer, for example, didn’t realize that some parts are just for the kill.


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