Public health experts recommend new CDC guidelines ahead of possible COVID-19 in the fall and winter

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – Public health experts recommend new CDC guidelines ahead of new COVID-19 infections this fall and winter.This time, the rise may look different due to cooler temperatures.

Saw related story: Experts fear that school and Texas reopening COVID-19 may resurfaceDue to the weather, people will be doing more inside. However, in the Houston area, the fall and winter seasons are more mild than in other parts of the country.

The pediatrician of UT Health McGovern Medical School, Drs. Michael Chang said that living in Texas really worked in our favor.

“It’s good for us in Houston because our climate is more moderate. So, possibly all winter, we can still do outdoor activities properly. We can still walk and bike, and this is our It is easy to social distance throughout the winter, “Dr. Chang said.

In addition to social disturbances, the CDC recommends increasing ventilation by opening windows or adjusting air conditioning in buildings.

Another tip to be aware of is to keep the windows open when using public transport ride stakes if possible.

Dr. Chang said that it is a matter of concern that health experts do not know how the virus will work.

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“We don’t know what happens if you get COVID-19 and the flu, or maybe you get COVID-19 first and then get the flu later. We don’t know what the patients might get,” he said .

He said that the best way to save you and your family right now is to get your flu vaccinated, and make sure that you are in a state of collapse of all other vaccines.

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