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PUBG will finally be a real game on December 20

I have now registered 285 hours of PlayerUnknown Battlefields . It's the most addictive thing I've played. And it's not just me: every day, almost 3 million people play the game "The Hunger Games" simultaneously . This game is still in beta, but more than 24 million copies have been sold since today.

But that beta version is about to end. On December 20, PUBG will become a fully developed game with its full version 1.0, announced its creators in The Game Awards this afternoon. (An early access version is also coming to Xbox on December 12 .)

And 1.0 is going to make the experience of surviving on an island full of weapons a bit different, I can attest . [19659002] Version 1.0 adds vaults, so players are no longer blocked by barriers or windows at waist height, as well as killcams that you can play to see how you die, improved weapons and scopes that make gossip more risky , vehicles that drive more realistically and without gas, renewed sound and a lot of new weapons and user interface settings to give more flavor to things.

But the most important thing is that it will add the second level of the game (yes, PUBG sold 24 million copies with just one!): A giant desert environment called Miramar that is far away from forests, hills and abandoned farms, villages and military facilities of the original.

I've played perhaps a dozen preview builds of version 1.0 on the PUBG test servers, and it's much more than a new coat of paint. My PC for games does not have problems to run the game so much, the cars are not the same as deadly traps, and the big bursts of the incoming artillery (yes, that's something) scare me.

And although I can not tell you much about the desert map that is not in pictures and videos above or in the official publication of the PUBG blog, it is the most exciting part so far: it seems a completely different environment with more verticality, more cavernous buildings and much more urban housing to play.

The only thing I can not promise yet is if the PUBG servers can handle the load. Sometimes it can be a pretty slow game, even with a decent Internet connection.

I'll know more soon. The desert map will be up and running on the test servers tonight at midnight PT. I see you there?

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