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PUBG is getting some big changes in PC balance

Developer PUBG Corp. continues to fine-tune FineUnknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds for PC. In addition to the upcoming map selection feature and the new Codename: Savage map, the studio is working on a variety of balance settings for weapons and attachments.

While PUBG Corp. did not delineate exactly what weapons will see adjustments and what to do in case they change, it seems that the balance adjustments will be far-reaching. The reason for these changes, says PUBG Corp., is to further level the playing field and ensure that no specific weapon feels "objectively better" than the others.

"According to our research, only a few specific types of weapons (ARs) are used in most situations," the developer wrote in a publication on Steam. "We believe that the choice of which weapon to use should be based on personal preferences and their effectiveness in any given situation, rather than simply" which weapon is stronger ".

Next to the weapon balance settings, PUBG Corp. also plans to make changes to the weapons attachments. These, too, were not detailed further, although the developer says that the goal is to give players "a wider range of attachment options so you can choose the one that best suits your combat situation (rather than any other one). # 39; better & # 39; attachment). "

Finally, PUBG Corp. says it will also make" some changes "to the level three helmet, which protects players from what would otherwise be a deadly shot in head. "We do not just want luck to determine who gets the items like this, so we remove it from the normal loot generation tables and limit it to the care packages only," said the developer.

PUBG Corp. has no announcement when it will introduce these balance changes, but will first be implemented on the game's test server. Exact changes will be described in patch notes when they are ready to be implemented in the live game. The first name of PUBG: Savage map is also still in the process of being tested. The developers recently added new areas, with underground caves also on the way.

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