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PUBG for Xbox was treated as a first game title at Microsoft

Microsoft finally revealed which team worked with PUBG Corp. to help bring the Battlegrounds from PlayerUnknown to the Xbox One and is none other than The Coalition, the developers of Gears of War 4.

"There was this global evaluation within from Microsoft how we can pair with this super collaborator, super friendly and incredibly successful – in the short term – group for our association to deliver, "said PUBG for Xbox One executive producer Nico Bihary in an interview with Polygon . According to Bihary, "there were many hands raised within Microsoft to offer support."

The association referred to by Bihary is the publishing agreement that associated Microsoft with PUBG Corp to help bring the popular PC game first to the Xbox One console There have been rumors that Microsoft is looking to extend the deal and the exclusivity of the game on the Xbox One.

"PUBG is really getting the boutique treatment, first-hand, white glove," explained Bihary. He said that this treatment meant that Microsoft gave access to PUBG Corp. to The Coalition team, as well as Microsoft's own quality assurance team and the advanced technical group. All so that PUBG Corp. can focus on developing the main game.

PUBG will be launched in the Microsoft Game Preview program on December 12. Like Steam Early Access, the preview program version is still in development. While the Xbox version is much slower than the PC version, the Xbox version will include new features such as vaulting and climbing, with Bihary saying that at some point he expects his "content roadmaps to converge" [19659000] PUBLIC will have a retail price of $ 30 for Xbox and there are no "plans or announcements on microtransactions". Although PUBG Corp. revealed cosmetic items in the future, including an exclusive Xbox cosmetics set.

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