Psaki vouches for Biden for false claims of Georgia election law

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was pressured Monday by members of both the liberal and conservative media about President Biden’s opposition to a new voting law in Georgia after “Pinocchio” was won from the verifiers. of facts for making false statements about its provisions.

Biden last week urged Major League Baseball to move its July all-star game from Atlanta in protest and MLB followed the advice, outraging Republicans who say the law was incorrectly described and attacked.

Biden was awarded a “Four Pinocchio” by the Washington Post, which endorsed his candidacy, for spreading misinformation about the impact of state law on voting hours.

The law does not alter the hours of election day, but expands early voting by adding a mandatory second Saturday. It also states that counties have the option of opening two Sundays and allowing counties to extend early voting hours beyond standard business hours.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki at his daily press conference Monday about Biden’s inaccurate comments, including during the ESPN interview in which he expressed support for the Atlanta boycott.

“Is the president going to change the way he talks about Georgia’s new voting law? Because in that interview you referenced, you said the law would end voting at five o’clock when workers are just retiring and said it would end voting hours earlier so workers can’t cast their vote after finish your shift. but the Washington Post gave that clam ‘four pinochios’ because that part of the law gives counties the option of extending voting hours, ”asked Doocy.

US President Joe Biden speaks to reporters during the first press conference of his presidency.
US President Joe Biden speaks to reporters during the first press conference of his presidency.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Psaki responded that “fundamentally, the president does not believe that voting should be made more difficult, he believes that it should be easier. And this bill makes it more difficult to request and return an absentee ballot, collapses the length of the second round of Georgia’s elections, making it difficult for large jurisdictions to offer early voting. It places rigid new restrictions on the ability of local officials to set voting hours to meet the needs of voters in their county. Those are all parts of the bill. So his view is that we have to make it easier and not harder to vote, and that will continue to be what he advocates. “

Georgia law requires photo identification to obtain an absentee ballot and shortens the window of time for absentee voting. It also allows state officials to take over local election offices in response to alleged misconduct.

A different reporter, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, asked Psaki in a follow-up question, “The president recognizes that the new law does not change voting hours on Election Day, right?”

To that, Psaki said, seeming to repeat the statement that earned Biden the Pinocchio, “It doesn’t extend them for early voting either. Makes early voting shorter. So there are many components of the legislation that concern him and that is what he was expressing ”.


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