PSA: update to macOS 10.13.1 will undo Apple patch for critical root vulnerability –

PSA: update to macOS 10.13.1 will undo Apple patch for critical root vulnerability


While Apple was praised for its critical macOS security hole security solution earlier this week, the updates that are developing so quickly rarely come without problems. This morning, Wired informs that if you executed macOS High Sierra 10.13.0 when you installed the update and then updated it to High Sierra 10.13.1, the security update would be reversed …

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The report cites several users who have experienced this problem. Essentially, if you were late and had not updated to macOS 10.13.1 yet, you should make sure to reinstall the security patch that Apple released earlier this week to fix the problem.

In addition, however, the root security fix is ​​not reinstalled evenly for those who are installing again after upgrading their machine to macOS 10.13.1. The Wired report explains that users must restart their Mac so that the security patch is maintained.

When Apple originally released the security update earlier this week, it was sure to announce that it did not require a reboot in order to get as many users to update as possible. Also, for those who install again after updating to macOS 10.13.1, Apple does not say that a restart is required. This means that, unless a user specifically proves the root error, they will not realize that the security fix has not really stopped.

Thomas Reed, an Apple researcher at security firm MalwareBytes, explained to Wired:

After Reed confirmed that 10.13.1 reopened the "root" error, he again installed Apple's security solution for the problem. But he discovered that, until he rebooted, he could even type "root" without a pbadword to completely bypbad High Sierra's security protections.

"I installed the update again from the App Store and verified that I could still trigger the error, that's bad, bad, bad," says Reed. "Anyone who has not yet updated to version 10.13.1 is now on the hotline for this problem."

Apple still has to comment on this new problem. It would seem that the company could re-launch the security patch for those users who update, but that remains to be seen. Have you noticed this defect in your machine? Let us know below in the comments.

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