PS5 Target Restock January; Potential drops starting this week

Target and PS5 logos are the attributes of Target and Sony respectively.

Target stores are reinstalling the PS5. This is the first time we are hearing news around Target in 2021, and we think we will see the first Target PS5 drop of this year very soon.

If you are new, we have successfully reported a target drop for December 21 and December 29. We reported the Best Buy drop for December 15 before officially confirming it.

According to our regular sources and some new ones, Target stores are receiving PS5 shipments on January 19 and 21, depending on their regions, ie Tuesday and Thursday. Getting around the shops 4-12 units.

From the previous drops, we know that the target never holds the stock. Therefore, we can expect a drop as soon as the target reserves receive the stock. For this fall, We can circle four dates – January 19, 20, 21 and 22. However, there is a catch.

Information is sourced from sources in many fields. So far, we have heard from South Area, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, And this South Central Area. If you have information about other areas, feel free to send us to DM on Twitter. We will update this article after getting more information.

We may not see many drops as “tariff exclusions” in the future that ended many businesses from President Trump’s trade war at midnight on Thursday. “You can read more about this by clicking here.

Our friend, Jake Randall, also made a video about it. Go check it out. So, drops can be slow for some time. If there is a downfall, however, we will notify you 24/7 on our Twitter.


According to Jake, who is observing and interacting with many sources regarding the goal there A collective mass cannot decline Rather small person. “I think stores can post online, at once, whenever they feel like it with their 4 consoles”, Jake said. “I got confirmation from corporate that 2 stores in Texas did the same.”

Reserves are becoming very low stock and therefore, we cannot expect much from the target at this point. From talking to several PS5 trackers, I can say that there will be drops to follow Comparatively weak What we have seen in the past. Therefore, it is better not to have high expectations while looking for an opportunity.

Some stores that were supposed to get PS5 units on 21st They already got, Ie 3 days ago. The source mentions that other stores nearby have also received the console. Some stores have as low as 1, while very few are above 20. However, like every time, some shops are left with No stock.

In contrast, the leader of an executive team at a Target store in the South Central region has mentioned that he has not received any information about any drop so far. Usually, they Get memo Before he dropped, but he found nothing at the time of publishing this article. If something changes, we will update the article, so keep checking back.

If we have any updates, we will post them to us Twitter account, So be sure to follow us there.

How to buy PS5 from Target

Target sells the PS5 online only. You have to buy the console online and go to the store for pick-up or drive-up. There are no walk-ins.

Normal Time Between Target Drops 3 a.m. – 7 a.m. ET. Be extra prepared during 5 AM – 7 AM ET as Target has dropped the PS5 several times during these two hours.

Target purchase link

Playstation 5 disc version – click here

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – Click Here

What are the fastest ways to check on targets?

The fastest ways are –

  1. live Logged into the target website both on your computer and on the target application on your phone.
  2. Based on our comments, most of the people who have achieved the PS5 by target are successful Target app On their phone. Therefore, it is necessary to use the application.
  3. if you have a Target redcard, Your checkout becomes even faster.
  4. Keep refreshing the target website and app every 5 minutes. If you don’t want to do this and want to be notified when they drop, follow us on Twitter as we will tweet immediately when they drop.
  5. make sure you Inform your bank / credit card company You are making a big purchase. Some people have had to cancel orders due to fraud / suspicious activities.
  6. Connect with our Discord server. we have Separate channel for geolocation. This will help inform you when there are PS5 units in stock in your particular region / region.
  7. If the stores have no stock based on your zip code, try a nearby zip code based on your convenience of visiting and picking up the unit.

If we have any further updates about Target, we will update this article and post a tweet.

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