PS5 Stock Update – More Bad News for Sony After StockStation 5 Re-Stock Problems | Gaming entertainment

The lack of PS5 stock has seen Sony take a hit on consumer website Trustpilot.

The PS5 re-stock issues have been a continuation since pre-orders went live for the console in late 2020.

PlayStation 5 consoles have typically sold out within minutes of going on sale, causing frustration for gaming fans.

Things are not made any easier by bots and scalpers, who are reselling units for inflated prices.

Failing to communicate with customers, fans have started posting negative reviews on sites like Trustpilot.

After the launch of PlayStation 5, Sony UK TrustPilot’s rating has dropped to just 1.7 stars.

Critics have criticized Sony for poor planning, and for failing to communicate when the PlayStation 5 consoles will return to stock.

This is obviously not an absolute disaster for Sony, as the PS5 proves to be popular whenever on sale.

Things should get better in February, especially if the news of a large stock fall proves true.

There are also reports that Argos may have PS5 stock in the early hours of 24 January.

While there are a lot of conflicting reports about Argos re-stock, some claim that the units will be available from 1:00 UK time.

The PS5 UK stock tweet reads, “Argos employees reported dealing with multiple PS5s in preparation for launch.” “Many employees have said that we should unfortunately expect a fall between 1am and 4pm today or tomorrow night.”

You can keep up to date with the latest PS5 stock news by following Express Online’s Live PlayStation 5 re-stock blog.

Although Sony may have taken a hit on Trustpilot, anyone who is lucky enough to actually be comforted is in for a treat.

The new PlayStation device has some great features to go along with its killer launch line-up.

Most notable of all is the Dualicon controller, which uses advanced haptic feedback to mirror action on screen.

For example, in games like Astro Playroom, you’ll feel it when your character walks on ice, or is blown backwards by a strong gust of wind.

Adaptive triggers are used to improve the sensation of firing the gun or pulling back on the bow strings.

Adaptive triggers are best performed in games such as Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Fortnite and Borderland 3, where different weapons provide different levels of resistance.

It will be interesting to see how games like Horizon Zero Dawn 2 use adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, particularly with the emphasis on hunting animals that hunt with high-tech bows.

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