PS5 owners may play the wrong version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

If you own a PlayStation 5, which has been recently raised Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, This is a good chance you can play on a version of the game in addition to the next-gen being offered on the new console. PlayStation 5 has found a lot to people, to their surprise, that they are actually playing the PlayStation 4 version, which means they are missing things like better framerates, shorter load times, and ray tracing.

This problem is obviously only affecting PlayStation 5 because of the way different console generations versions of the game are handled between PlayStation and Xbox devices, but thankfully, this is an easy way to check and make sure you Playing the correct version. Activision noticed that people were releasing it and created a brief to help people make sure they were playing the correct version of the game. You can find that guide below, and if you’re a visual person, Twitter user and more of YouTuber TmarTn Shared the clip below to show what the process looks like.

Activation gave up about re-downloading the game after already downloading the PlayStation 4 version, which is a boil for those waiting on the new one. You already have the PlayStation 4 version at least already downloaded and ready, although it’s ready to go, and it’s not like the PlayStation 5 version is going anywhere. If you’ve already purchased it, you can play You can download the new, correct version of it whenever it is convenient for you.

Once you download the correct version, it will also be smart to configure your files so that you do not waste precious storage space with any compound Black Ops Cold War Modes you do not plan to use regularly. The process of uninstalling and installing those modes is a very simple as well as will free up space if you wrap up the campaign and want to remove it or don’t feel like you’re playing zombies a lot, e.g. for.


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