PS5 Launches PS4 Lineup on Metacritic

We reported before launch that we felt the PlayStation 5 launch lineup was Sony’s best paper yet, but now it seems to be committed to history. While review scores are still coming and nothing has been set in stone yet, each one of the four games launched by the Japanese giant has attracted critical acclaim.

The Metacritic picture looks like this right now, but keep in mind that demon spirits have been bouncing throughout the weekend, so far 93 depends on:

To compare, this is how Lineup 4 was viewed seven years ago on the PlayStation. We have not liked Flower and Sound Shapes because they were ports and were already released elsewhere:

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two platforms – aside from the score – is that all three titles of the PS4 launch could only be played on the new console at the time, while the PS5 lineup has a couple of cross-gen releases. . Still, it’s clear that Sony’s next-gen device launch sweeps the floor with its predecessor from a game standpoint. Salute to the stage holder in a challenging year!


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