Tsushima's ghost

We’re all still waiting for the PlayStation 5 price and release date, and every hour that lasts now is only produced by this morning’s Xbox Series S. We now know that one of the consoles launched this year is priced, but Sony remains tight on its own line-up of systems at the time of writing. The wait is so pleasing to some that they feel that the Japanese giants are actively trolling them on Twitter with the Ghost of Tsushima Gifs.

Whether or not Sony actually has intentions, we’ll never know, but it’s a strange thing nonetheless. It started yesterday Official playstation account Told fans to “find some time to relax and reflect”. PlayStation UK Then tweeted this morning saying it was “a blessing of your time”. The caption once again featured Jin Sakai with Hot Spring relaxing with her buttocks.

Reactions on both the social media site and popular gaming forum ResetEra are then filled with a lot of people No Remained calm in response. Remember guys, the news we are waiting for is probably around the corner. It has to happen this month, right? This scribe cannot imagine a world where we enter in October with an unconfirmed PS5 price and release, but then stranger things have happened. It is 2020.

Do you think Sony is actually trolling its fans with these gifs? Please argue in the comments below.

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