PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition Box Content Leaked

By Stephanie Nunele, Saturday, 12 September 2020 17:22 GMT

Content included with the PS5 and PS5 digital editions has leaked online.

Digital and Standard Edition content, according to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed PS5 The same item will be included.

The information comes from a distributor in Hong Kong, so the content can be region-specific.

Inside the box, you will find a DualInx controller, a base, HDMI cable, power cord, a USB cable and more.

The list has 825GB SSDs, and Astro pre-installed on Playroom systems.

Although Sony is yet to announce the information, a release date, price, or when we can pre-order, hopefully will soon change now that Microsoft has revealed all.

The company plans to host its next PS5 showcase next week on 16 September, and it is possible that more details will be revealed at that time. But going by the announcement alone, it looks like we’ll only have a look at upcoming games for the console.

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